Identifying real/fake, tribe, hallmark?? Any help is appreciated!


Cool ring! I am not familiar with hallmark.

Nice ring. I had no luck with the hallmark. Wondering if @Jason thinks this is Zuni?

I feel like the ring @tifflaca posted is similar to the ring in the last photo, but there are enough differences that I don’t know if those two would be the same artist.

Unless of course that ring has the same hallmark. @nanc9354, is there a picture of the hallmark on that site?

Thank you @nanc9354.

@Ziacat as I was scrolling through this site last night I came upon a post with 2 bracelets and I believe they might be the same, but we’re both looking to identify. I also came across one on another site, but that too is unidentified. I also was leaning zuni, but the shape of the head of the snake is definitely different, and I cant seem to find one without the stones in the eyes.


That’s exactly what I was thinking about the head of the snake!

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You may have already done this, but you might look into the family of Effie Calavaza; she is known for her jewelry with snakes on it. I don’t know if any of her family members use that hallmark, although it seems like it would have shown up on some of the sites I looked at if they did.

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@Ziacat here are the rings hallmark compared to the 1 braclet hallmarks I found last night.

The 2 pictures on top are my ring and the two on bottom is each of the braclets braclets.

This is a picture of the other unidentified one I came across, but it doesnt even say or show the jewelry its on.

I’m assuming you found that last picture on the Amerindian site, and no they don’t show pictures of the artist’s work. It looks like the site doesn’t know who that hallmark belongs to either. I know the arrowhead is almost the same, but yours appears to have different marks inside of it? I may be all wrong on this, but it seems like I remember on a post on here once, someone saying that you can get stamps from Thunderbird supply and then use them with different hallmarks.

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I know and I keep ending up on that site somehow :woman_shrugging: I could probably recite it word for word soon of I keep getting redirected there. Haha!

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I hear you on that. One of these days I’m going to have to spend the money and buy one of the big books on artists and hallmarks.

I’ve had an interest in the snake pieces, because I inherited a buckle from my dad that he bought '71. He has documentation on the artist from the seller, but it isn’t hallmarked, so I’m not sure that’s who the artist actually is (I was really little when he bought it, and then he passed away in the 80s before I knew enough to ask him more questions). So that’s caused me to do some searching. There are other people on here that know a lot more, so hopefully they will join in.


Very pretty ring :smiley: I haven’t seen one like that. It’s a nice piece. I love the snake pieces as well. The little vintage shop that I recently found has a little Effie collection. The two pieces I picked that she put aside for me are a bolo and a pendant made out of a similar Effie bolo. I’m not sure if I’ll ever wear the bolo but it’s nice to have it just incase I want to :grin: They look like this. Unfortunately she sold the cuff a few weeks before I found her shop. She did have a cuff with a watch but I wasn’t a fan of it. She suggested I could make earrings out of the ends of the bolo but I like it the way it is.


Oh I would so wear that exactly as it is. That would look too cool. One of these days I’m going to buy a bolo.

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@CyanideRose18 Thank you! Wow, though! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: those are beautiful pieces! It is a bummer about the cuff, but a great score on the two pieces nonetheless.

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Thanks so much tifflaca, I will keep looking. I’m sure I’ll eventually come across the right one for me :grinning:

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