Identifying the hallmark/artsit on a bracelet

Hi Jason, et al …

The name of the artist on the hallmark has been worn away and is unreadable, though the picto mark is pretty clear. The inside mark of the bracelet has an arrow with the word “Sterling” inside the feathers.
Above the arrow shaft is the word “Silver,” and under the arrow shaft is the word that I cannot read. These are pictures off of the auction site. (This is my 50th b/d gift from my husband and he refuses to let me have it until the actual day … grrr. :slight_smile: ) Thank you so much!

It should say Sterling and then in scrip Silver above the line and Arrow below. The stamp is to close to the bottom of the piece to show all of it. Silver Arrow was in Kansas City during the 1930-40’s. It was originally know as the Silver Products Co. but changed to Silver Arrow. Sounds better I guess. Very nice “tourist trade” piece.

Thanks, SevernSound! Now, I just have to wait until the big 50th birthday to actually get it and wear it … :slight_smile: