Identity maker Jk

Is it possible that anyone could help me identify the maker of this beautiful bracelet,the mark on the back just reads Sterling and the initials JK I would really love to find out any information or history on this piece,I have attached images

Thank you

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Hi, very nice bracelet! Maybe by John Kallestewa

^Sorry, but this is not within the realm of what Zuni people produce.

It’s important, in all research on hallmarks, to keep in mind how it actually looks and was fabricated. If an item looks Navajo–as this does–look for a Navajo maker’s hallmark, or else it might be (1) unable to be determined, or (2) “Navajo style” made by someone not Native American.


Please refer to my questionmark…

Hi Thank you so much for your reply’s would you possibly know a rough age of the piece please

Thank you Caz

This is a Navajo piece, couldn’t find the hallmark. Classic turquoise and coral combination with silver leaves. Looks like a piece of Sleeping Beauty and the coral is referred to as branch coral from the Mediterranean. I don’t feel like it is a very old piece, maybe back to the 1990s.

Thank you Jason I really appreciate your help, you have first class knowledge,I love this piece and you information really helps.