I'm addicted, but I'm trying to restrain myself

It all started back in the 1970s, when I was a child. No, I wasn’t addicted then. But someone else in my family was. My mother worked in a saddlery shop that also sold NA jewelry. The owners of the shop would go out on buying trips to New Mexico and Arizona. I’m not sure my mother made much money working there because she used her employee discount to buy jewelry every time the owners came back from the Southwest. Anyway, she also bought me some pieces which I have worn on & off. About three years ago, I was removing a bracelet when I noticed a hallmark. I did a search and discovered it didn’t say DON, as I’d always thought. It said DJN, and it was a Delvin Nelson piece. And there was another one on eBay, and one on Etsy … and I began to admire other kinds of NA jewelry, though most intrigued by older pieces that looked like what I’d seen and handled as a child in my mother’s jewelry box, and when she brought home the contents of the shop’s glass cases overnight occasionally for safekeeping. I need to keep looking and learning, and being slower to buy — so I’m here to read and share other’s discoveries.

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good to have you on board.