I'm here with a brooch this time

Hi helpful Turquies! I’m wondering if this brooch might be N/A or just Southwest? Measures 2 1/4" long. Only marking is “Sterling.” Thanks as usual for any help or opinions!


not much info to work with but your pin has sisters


It looks Native American to me. Very cute!

Thanks for tracking those two down, @Steve! At least now I know it’s not one of a kind :laughing:!

Thanks, @Ziacat! It is kinda cute :grinning:!

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And you might be able to slip a leather cord through, and wear it as a pendant. That’s what I do if a heishi string won’t fit.

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Are the blue stones high grade lapis lazuli?

That’s a great suggestion, @Ziacat! Hadn’t thought of that.

@fernwood, I’m not qualified to judge lapis quality, but there are tiny gold flecks in most of the stones.


That is a characteristic of nicer lapis lazuli. Some stones have white areas in them.

Thank you, @fernwood. No white areas in these stones. Appreciate your input!

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