I'm trying to find out if this is turquoise and if so what kind?

I found this at a garage sale and bought it for 25 cents… Just cause i liked the colors :blush: I’m curious as

to what it might be!

I don’t think you have turquoise there. It looks more like lapis to me. Check these images out.


I think it might be Chrysocolla! I looked up lapis and that consists of ALOT more blue then mine as where chrysocolla looks and has alot of the same similarities to mine! What do you think? My friend also thought maybe Azurite but that is completely different look and texture as well… if I can’t find any answers on line I guess I’ll just have to take it to a rock, gem, and mineral specialist! Thanks for the help!

Were you able to see all my pictures?

The dark blue looks more like azurite to me.

I did see them. It looks alot like what you would find as a by product at a copper mine. Lapis and malachite.

Very typical azurite and malachite which often occur together. Pretty sure it isn’t lapis which would more typically be present with calcite and pyrite.

I stand corrected! Azurite