In search of a specific item

Anyone know where I can find something like the silver dish rimmed by turquoise stones shown on the cover of this book? I have admired it for years and sporadically done searches to see if I could find anything similar. I appreciate all thoughts and suggestions! Thanks!


Do you know who made it?

Your best bet would probably to have something commissioned.


@Snowday I have no idea who made it. I don’t have that particular book, so I haven’t looked to see if the book gives details about it. I just love the dish and would love to find one like it! Maybe someone on here has the book and can look for me?

You may be able to take it out of the library.

The bowl is by Liz Wallace (Navajo) and is a special, one-of-a-kind piece. It is owned by Kim and Pat Messier who wrote that book. They go into a lot of detail as to how it was made in the book and how special it is to them. I doubt you’ll find something similar. If you’re interested, when I get home I can see if I can do a screenshot of the page. Or someone else can; I know quite a few forum members have that book.

@OrbitOrange Thank you!!! I will see if I can locate the book or check it out from the library. Now I understand why I have never seen anything like it before. I may have to see about commissioning something similar. I’ve admired that bowl for many years. Thanks again!!!

It is made by Liz Wallace.

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Ok, here you go:

Liz is on Facebook and Instagram; I’m sure you could contact her through either if you were interested in commissioning a piece from her.


Wow! Thank you for sharing this! It is truly a piece of art and the story behind it is fascinating. No wonder I’ve never seen anything else like it! I will most certainly reach out to Liz if only to share with her that I am a fan of her work and that I think the bowl is spectacular. Many thanks for sharing this with me!!