Indentifying and Discovering

Large Navajo men’s ring sterling with three (3) feathers per side and wire/bead work. 1.4" wide. Inside initials NF Sterling and many grass and triangles inside. Large blue turquoise stone 3/4".

Names given for a NF hallmark are Nathan Fred Jr. and Nathan Fred Sr. Hougart’s book. You might start with those names on a google search to see if work looks similar. You might also consider posting an image here to see if anyone on the forum recognizes the work. Hope this helps.

Thank You but I don’t see where I can post fotos. Larry

When you click Reply, a window pops up from the bottom… at the top of that window are 13 buttons… click the 7th one (it has an arrow pointing up).
Then click Browse & select your photo… then click Upload.

Or just right click your photo & copy it, then right click in your Reply window & paste it.

Hope this helps!

Cool got it. Hope someone Identifies it.