Info and opinions please

Trying sell but need additional info. Any idea of what type of turquoise this is? Any info on silversmith Delbert Gordon? Your opinion on value? Thanks

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You can Google his name and turn up info pretty easily. Contemporary, respected maker. Value wise, I find it most helpful to find what an equivalent sold for, by searching eBay Completed/Sold listings. (I see that your cuff is already listed on eBay.)

Like other good makers, DG has various types of cuffs with a range of value. Yours is one of his that’s mainly about the multistone look rather than his types with heavy silver and impressive, gem-quality center stone. This means different price tiers both at retail and secondary market. In Sold listings there’s a multistone one that seems similar in build to yours (I mean weight, not exactly the form) that went for $350.

My opinion is that your asking price is fairly conceived, maybe optimistic for something like this but that’s fine, as long as you’re actually open to accepting an offer that reflects what someone cares to pay.

I have googled and know the internet version of Delbert Gordon. I was hoping for more of the “inside knowledge”. This cuff has been in storage for 20 years and I am just decluttering. At $350 I will just keep it. Thanks

Hmm…I said your asking price was fair, and also that someone paid $350 for an entirely different bracelet. The math on these two comments combined is simply that only the market has the answer. That is an informed opinion based on many years as a collector and an occasional seller. HTH.

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Understood :+1: and thanks again
The reason for my question is that in searching I have not been able to find a similar cuff to see a sold price .

In my experience, if i cant find any comparable pieces, or pieces of a similar style by the maker, i have to consider that the hallmark is fake. Just a thought.

Delbert’s nephew Derrick is on facebook, maybe he’ll have an opinion.

Absolutely not a fake. Inherited from a relative that purchased directly from artist

Excellent! You should keep that information documented in writing, and keep it with the piece.


I could not find the correct Facebook page for Derrick Gordon. Could you send me a link

Thanks, apparently it’s a VERY common name, who knew