Info on bolo piece please

Hi All

Would it be possible to give me any info on this bolo piece please ie.

Type of turquoise
And rough value

Thank you all

Please take care
Caz x


So I’m not very knowledgeable in recognizing which mines turquoise comes from (one thing I have learned is doing that is really difficult).

However, I inherited a buckle from my mother that looks a LOT like your bolo. Not just the style, but also the turquoise. It’s very large, shaped very much like yours, and from your photos, appears to be a very similar color.

She didn’t have any documentation on where the turquoise came from, but a very knowledgeable gentleman who owned a shop in Flagstaff felt it was Kings Manassa. I don’t know; I just wonder if that’s a possibility for yours.

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It could be a piece of King Manassa. Whatever it is the look is nice and it is a big piece of turquoise. You see that style and you think the 1980s. It looks like you have a good size hand, guessing that stone could possibly be a couple hundred carats, looks thick. $500 - $600ish. You need to get a leather cord and some nice tips and start wearing that bolo.


So this is why your bolo totally reminds me of my buckle. I didn’t see a Hallmark on yours; mine has DD on it. That might give you another way to research yours further. My mom bought hers in a pawn shop in the 90’s in Kanab, UT.

I agree with Jason; wear it and enjoy!!

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Thank you so much both of you,I love my turquoise and it has to been worn.

That belt buckle is beautiful :heart_eyes:

Have a great day both

Many thanks

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