Information on cuff advertised as fred guerro

Could I please get some information on this cuff
Listing states that it is a Sold Silver And Turquoise Cuff Bracelet Sighned By Fred Guerro

Hi All

Could I please ask for the following

  1. Is the cuff a genuine Fred Guerro

  2. Type of Turquoise and roughly how old is the cuff

  3. How much would the cuff be worth as only looking at the moment and just want to make sure I am not overpaying

Thank you so so much for all the valuable info you provide

Kindest regards
Caz UK

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I’m not familiar with chains like that on Native American cuffs. Could it have been added later?

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I am thinking it must have been added later as a safety chain,does this affect the value?

I have no idea. Hopefully someone else will jump in on this.

If that’s actually one of his pieces, I would guess the broken stone should take down the value anyway.