Inlaid Multistone Cuff Bracelet

I would be very interested in any thoughts on who/what tribal affiliation might have made the inlaid cuff in the attached photos. The inlay is beautifully done and has a slight curve to it, in other words it is not flat in the mounting.


Very interesting. Appears to have a combo of materials. Block Turquoise, chip Turquoise, natural Turquoise and shell. Possible areas of coral.
Cannot tell if the dark blue is Lapis or some type of block material. Also what the light blue material to the left of what appears to be natural Turquoise is.
No clue on the black areas.

Is it Sterling Silver?

To me, it looks like a combo of styles attributed to Navajo and Hopi artists.
Strange that there is no hallmark or .925/Sterling.

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Thank you for your comment. I did a silver test and the metal seemed to be sterling or at least coin silver. The stones are so well fitted that you can’t feel the separation, and they are contoured as well.

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The style of inlay would be Navajo.

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