Inlay Cuff by Mary Morgan

Lucky to have found this coral and mother of pearl inlay cuff. Believe it’s by Mary Morgan? The workmanship is beautiful. Sixteen coral and sixty-four mother of pearl pieces intricately put together. Looking for help with the value and age. Thanks for the help.


These are great things to own. The people that want these and collect her work would pay $750 and up for something like this.

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Beautiful. they either fit or they don’t.

Thanks Jason. It looks even better in person. I love her work.

Lucky for me it was my size. I used to buy if the turquoise or style appealed to me. Unfortunately, I have many pieces that do not fit. So I try to be patient and wait for the right piece.


Because I want them to fit and am not a fan of squeezing down, most are too heavy, 5 are inlaid anyway, I have very few bracelets. Favorites!



I could not open your link. Would love to see your favorites!

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It wouldn’t open for me either. I would like to see them also.

the rest of the inlays Coral comtemporary ALW, which we know
turquoise channel, heavy, B Grey, or B Crey, which I haven’t been able to find
thin inlay, no marks

I actually had the gallery owner adjust the sides of the coral piece, prior to taking.


Like them all! Very nice.

What is the stones on the darker fish scale? Is it abalone and onyx? Don’t believe I’ve seen that before. I like the combo.

All abalone. I recently found a more diminutive one, saving my $$$$. It fits

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