Inlay cuff sterling it is stamped but can't make the name out


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Here is the hallmark

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no match found
only 3 examples found in Houbarts of U.S.A. included with a hallmark
none match font stamp of your cuff



So what does that mean ? Can I even find it anywhere ? Is it a real stamp? Any help would be appreciate

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No there is no reason to freak out. Not all marks are documented, especially if it’s earlier or the artist didn’t create many pieces. I have things that I can’t identify that I’ve had for years. Some I’ve gotten lucky and stumbled across after a couple of years. There is also the chance that the artist is Anglo and wouldn’t be in a Native American hallmark book. No book is infallible. Just yesterday I was messaging with an artist who asked me about two cuffs that I was wearing in a photo. Neither was hallmarked but he told me who he thought the artists were because he knew them and their work. That was a wonderful surprise and I check the hallmark book. One isn’t listed.
You have a great cuff. I would just wear and enjoy it. :blush:


Thank you it was a gift I do wear it it is beautiful I was told it may be zuni . But thank you for your info I really appreciate it.

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