Inlay Pieces Simply Hallmarked with Feather symbol and "sterling" in script

Hello…I have 2 butterfly inlay pieces, one smooth and one cobblestone (below) that are just marked with a feather symbol, no initials. With the inlay in the antennae it reminds me of Katherine Schnelby Segay butterfly necklaces, because I haven’t seen that elsewhere. I am wondering if this symbol could have been used earlier by an artist who now uses their initials. Someone online mentioned Chris Tom or his father, which I think use CT or TT??. (I think this was because of the cobblestone.) A piece with this hallmark was linked to Al Zuni of Gallup (sold online), and I have contacted them without a response yet. I think they are a co-op of Zuni artists. This piece was sold to me as Navajo, I am not sure but I think this cobblestone inlay is often Navajo. So, I am almost more confused from when I started, if that is possible.
Any help would be appreciated…thank you.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/594c8d5ed1f1305ada1cd81caf83231a8ea8ab0d.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/0d972d097fc7c95fadddf9277bc28336ebd316a8.jpg">

I am not familiar with this hallmark. Al Zuni is a large wholesale outfit here in Gallup, not a co-op. This looks very much like the style of jewelry they sell, if locally made it most likely is Navajo. They would be your best bet for a name. Thanks for sharing.

I came across this piece advertised in my gmail account, I don’t believe this is handmade

This is the Katherine Schnebly Segay piece I was speaking of, she signs KS and makes this set with a variety of stones that I have seen, but most often spiny oyster.