Inlay Watch Band Hallmark Identification

Need help please identifying the hall mark on this watch band. Not easy to photograph I did my best.

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I’m not sure I see one, unless it what looks like maybe mc up in the top corner near the watch.

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Yea Steve as managed to bring it out nicely. TY Steve. Now if I can just find who this mark belongs to.

So do you think that is an mc?
You’ve prob looked at the Amerindien website, but in case you haven’t, I did see this.

When I googled her, most things didn’t look like your watch style. But there was one cuff that was chip inlay. I don’t know if it’s actually hers or not, because I don’t trust a lot of these sites. And I couldn’t access it because I’m not on Facebook, and that was the only way I could look at it closer. Maybe you’ll have better luck. This is just a screenshot of the page it was on.