Instagram Shop!

Hi guys, I’ve decided to post and sell a few treasures from my shop on Instagram. I think it’ll be a fun experience :smile:

The Instagram name is @Thunderbird_Turquoise
go ahead and give me a follow!

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Is this account still active? I can’t find it.

Bree closed her Instagram store while she is in boot camp.

she did say she would be returning soon, we miss her comments and posts.

Your works are stunning! I suppose by now you have a lot of followers and there’s quite enough ghost ones. Having an Instagram store is such a headache but it can be a source of income if you use the right tools to get rid of spam and fake accounts. Also you need to know which hashtags to use, what users are more active etc etc. There’s a great service that can help you to promote your store. Good luck :slight_smile: