Interesting bench bead necklace with gold inlay

Hello! I am not a jewelry collector of any merit, but I do antique and collect all things of beauty. I have had this necklace for years. I picked it up long ago, and I occasionally wear it.

I have an Idea to use some of these beads in another piece of jewelry, I am not sure it is a good idea to break up the necklace though, it seems like it’s one of a kind and I would probably feel guilty.

I guess my main question is does this necklace have any historic or artistic importance?

Dispute rigorous searching, I can’t find any beads online that look exactly like the large beads on this necklace. They are very heavy compared to the bench beads, and the gold is tested at 14k or better. The craftsmanship is beautiful. I have seen some beads in the same shape with stripes, but nothing like this.

The large barrel beads are approx. 1.75" long and about a half an inch thick. The only markings are “sterling” on the cones

Have you guys seen this artist? Can you guess a date on it?

Just going to do my due diligence before i unstring it… I won’t if there’s any reason I shouldn’t.

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Still haven’t been able to find anything out… Any love?

I don’t have any love for ya man, but if that was mine, I would never break it up!
It has a real unique look to it. It has ‘class’ & ‘style’… I bet you get compliments when you wear it… can’t see the markings in the gold that well, but from what I can see, it looks like some ancient coded message!? Lol… sorry I couldn’t help! Hopefully someone else with more knowledge will comment…

I have seen these necklaces attributed to Carolyn Pollack & Roderick Tenorio. Unfortunately, that makes this necklace a manufactured piece, and not handmade. Carolyn Pollack creates southwestern- style jewelry, she herself is not native (don’t know if that matters to you or not), and I believes she still sells on QVC from time to time. She enlisted the help of Roderick tenorio to create a line of jewelry for her brand (what you have here), but he is a native designer.

So does it have significant importance? Objectively, I would say no. But, if you’re a fan of Pollack then I say keep it intact. But it is by no means a one-of-a-kind item. If you would wear it more more often and appreciate it more, then I say take it apart!

Thank you so much for the good information! That’s what I was looking for, not necessarily what I was hoping for… But it makes my decision easier for sure…

Also, after hanging around here I’m on the hunt for some turqouise. :slight_smile:

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I’m totally curious to see how you repurpose these beads! I hope you post a “before and after” for us