Interesting hallmark...Hopi or Mexican?

I purchased this necklace because I thought it was different, loved the stone and it will layer well with other pieces. I’ve never seen the hallmark before, so I’m interested to find out if any of the turq peeps have seen it before. And if anyone has any idea on the stone I welcome the expertise! Thanks all!


@GreenRock The picto-mark is very similar to this one on the following site. It is shown in the Unknown section about 3/4 down the page.

I have seen these marks before, sorry I can not remember who uses them. I would call this Navajo made.


Thank you for finding that! The image is the same, but the numbers are different. Now I wonder what the numbers mean. Hmmmm

I wonder if it is a shop Mark of some kind and the numbers indicate different artists?

That’s what i was thinking, too. Or some forgotten consortium or guild, like UITA?

OK…so while searching for something totally different, I came across this hallmark. I think it offers further evidence that that hallmark was used by some sort of group with the individual numbers or initials representing the artists. Now to find the shop or guild!

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I have a heavy carinated cuff w/ similiar marking, I’ll post photo when I can find the cuff :woozy_face:

Great insight regarding the hallmark everyone!
The other thing that puzzles me about the pendant is the stone. I thought the backing was magnetic, but my daughter noticed that it’s the stone that’s lightly magnetic. It does have some goldish tones in the matrix. Does some turquoise contain magnetic material?

Regarding magnetism and turquoise, there was a post or forum on this earlier that provided some great information…

Can’t help with the hallmark but This stone is beautiful, and nice open work. the whole piece is nice to my eye. :smiley:

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