Interesting hallmark on bolo tie

Hi Guys!
I’m new to the site and I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand on identifying the hallmark on this bolo tie. I bought it at auction and It had very little information. Any responses would be appreciated.


Anyone? I am guessing that this piece is Navajo but I can’t be sure…

It is similar but NOT the same as the hallmark that David Tune used. It looks Navajo in it’s design but could be Zuni. The stone is magnificent! It doesn’t look like a Bennett clasp on the back so it could be from the 40-50s. Sorry couldn’t be of more help.

Thank you very much for your answer SevernSound! I looked up David Tune’s hallmark and you’re right, it is very similar. I thought it was interesting that the hallmark is raised above the back of the piece almost like its soldered there. I will have to look up more information about the clasp and see what I can find out.