Interesting swastika article

smithsonian magazine,dated 4-6-17,titled “the man who brought the swastika to Germany,and how the nazis stole it”

Do you have a link or photos of the article? Sounds interesting.

shoot…it just popped up on my “device” cuz I’ve read that sort of stuff & I remembered that it was in that magazine & told this machine to go hunt
smithsonian magazine,swastika…magic machinary

I’d read about the guy before in connection w/Troy. seem to recall a pic of his wife(?) wearing some jewelry they’ve dug up.


I would say that’s because it is still being used quite frequently for evil (the swastika).

sigh…I was planning on decorating a vest I’d made & was looking for something a little different. told the machine to show me some NA petroglyphs & pictographs
clicked on a choice & the list looked pretty decent until the twit who put it together added the blanking “end of the trail”!