Intruductions + Fan mail

We’d like to meet everyone that joins the forum, and we’d also like to know what you bought from us! So, tell us about yourself here even if you never post much anywhere else in the forum. :wink:

I lost my favorite necklace - a Calvin Begay bear. In looking to replace it, I have learned more than I ever knew about Native American jewelry in the 10 years I owned it - and sadly, I appreciate it even more now! In the last two months, I have bought a few small pieces on e-bay and begun to understand Hallmarks and what to look for. I came to this site looking to replace my bear and because I am interested in learning more about more artists.

Silverstore619 on e-bay has a few of them.

My name is Robert I live in Idaho and absolutely love Native American Silversmith products.

Hey im anita and love silver and turquoise jewelry it’s all i wear iv all ways been fascinated with the beautiful Indian style for the last year iv been collecting vintage silver and turquoise it’s a passion of mine

@rpwrs45 Cool! Great to have you on board. We love Native American silversmith products as well :wink:

@Kaykay we are glad to have passionate members. I hope you learn a lot here. Thanks for being a part, Anita!

I have learned a lot. Thanks

I am from nyc and rarely anyone wear native american jewelry here ;o)
My friends doesn’t seem to understand the beauty of turquoise!

Hi, I’m Dana and I’m from a big ole (small) town in Tennessee lol my mother wore turquoise all her life, even when it wasn’t cool lol and when she passed away I inherited her few small pieces and to feel closer to her I wore her stuff and that was the start of my obsession with this jewelry…3 years ago. My goal is to have a nice collection to leave to my daughters one day. I want to learn all I can about the jewelry and the people who make it and I want to be knowledgeable enough to be able to tell an expensive piece from a not so expensive piece. This site is life!!! I have learned more from this site in a couple months than I have in 3 years! Unfortunately I have sold pieces that I thought were inexpensive but have now found out they were worth a lot more. But I vow to learn, so I can’t thank everyone enough for the information you guys have shared!! Plus it’s nice to be able to talk to people who have a love for the same stuff I do, being 33, none of my friends are diggin my taste in jewelry lol!