Is it a style identifiable to a particular artist

Hi, as I am new to this I am interested in finding out about everything about this piece. I find no identifiable
markings. Can you tell what tribe it is associated with. I went through quite a few post, and saw nothing like it. Is it a piece that could be associated with a particular artist. age? is it Navajo? Value ? anything else that stands out

Very nice! I would definitely call this Navajo. I would be hard pressed to make any further guesses without more photos. In particular it would say something to see: the back side of the Naja, what are the backings on the earrings? Hooks, posts, screw back??? Also I would want to look very closely at the material used to string it, as well as a very close look at the coin welds and bead seams. Very nice though and very very sought after. I am particularly fond of the happy hands Naja!

Thank you for your reply Christibo. I will add some more pictures as soon as I get a chance.

This one looks to have some age, but we get new ones just like this from Navajo silversmith Mildred Parkhurst and sell them for $330. They have a very nice look with the mercury dimes.

Thanks for your input Jason. The pieces I have were my Mothers collection. She passed in Oct. of last year at the age of 92. She and my father were teachers and made many trips to the southwest from Ca in the 60’s and 70’s. I believe most of her purchases were made during that time period. My aunt Buena was also a teacher and taught at a school in or near Crownpoint NM. I know my Aunt would take her around when we are visiting. I’m sure her collecting was not limited to that spot. We caravanned all over Arizona, New Mexico and Utah on Vacation.

Crownpoint is close to home, you probably some pretty neat memories of this place. Thank you for sharing your necklace. The pieces I mentioned are made to look old, yours has that natural patina which would add a 30%-50% premium.