Is it Native American?

Hello everyone, do you think this bracelet is Native American? scored 925! thanking you in advance :blush:


Good morning, Val. Best answer I can give is “I don’t know”. There are several elements that are very unusual for Native work. The “shot” work is silver scrap melted into amorphous blobs rather than typical spherical shot, the twist wire inside the 1/2 stamped round border is twisted 1/2 round wire rather than round wire, and the stamp work pattern around the edge is also one I’ve never seen in Native American work. I knew a German silversmith, who had a little shop on the Koenigsallee in Dueseldorf. Don’t remember his name, but he worked in a similar style. In any case, I suspect this is a non-native (perhaps a European?) emulating a native style.


thank you so much @mmrogers… that was what i was thinking too!!