Is my piece a Katleen Yazzi piece or no?? Please help!!

Stamped sterling ky but unsure if it’s a real Kathy Yazzi please help I am afraid I got a counterfeit ! Also I cleaned it up and added the chain to wear the piece the pendant was extremely tarnish when purchase just want to know if it’s her work and if it’s a real turquoise if possible to tell by pictures from my research it appears real but other things I noticed pointed in the other direction please help me identify this thanks a lot image|375x500

I don’t think any reason to think it is not authentic. The turquoise is a little suspect.

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I looked up the hallmark and appears it is this artist. However, this must not be an exclusive design; see the link here to an ebay listing for what looks like the same cross but the artist initials are different.

Editing to add screenshots of that listing:

Cross is hand fabricated from milled sheet cut to size on a Diacro sheer. Setting is a commercially made machine stamped bezel cup. Stone is likely natural clear sleeping beauty commercially cut. Decorative leaves may be handmade from the silversmiths personal template, but could also be die cut and stamped. Bail is hand fabricated and soldered on by hand. This is a production piece made en masse for commercial sale and distribution. Most likely late 70’s to mid-late 80’s or even early 90’s.

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