Is this a known hallmark?

or is it someone scratching? It came off of a large bolo I think is Navajo??? It has the GL Bennett pat pend clasp closure but not sure who the artist is. I can’t find an underlined W on any identification sites. Any help is greatly appreciated. (also, what kind of turquoise is this? quite beautiful) Thanks, Dan

I have my guess as to turquoise waiting for someone better qualified to answer.

Thanks Karne- Guess we’ll wait together.


It has that glare across the stone, but it does have a Bisbee look. You might try to shoot the picture in natural light without a flash. It is done in Navajo style. You are going to have a very difficult time finding the name on this artist, but this bolo might be more about the stone.

Jason- As usual and as always thank you for your time and wealth of knowledge. Again, thanks.


Dan, please reshoot?! and post. my guess was bisbee (my favorite) but photos are so hard to judge from.

Karne- Will do on Sunday afternoon. I want to take Jason’s advice and photograph in natural light. Unfortunately, I’ll be stuck inside for a good part of the day. Thanks,


here’s a piece that screams Bisbee, I think a classic look

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Hi Jason & Karne- I hope these pics are a better representation. They’re about as good as my camera gets, at least with me behind it. Let me know what you think.

check out these earrings…purchased as Bisbee

The pendant has brown matrix, the ring black…both better stones than the earrings. Not natural light.

Hi Karne- Those stones are very similar to mine. Under a lighted loupe mine appear to have a brownish hue and copper colored shining specks in several areas. Is this good? I’m a complete rookie novice when it comes to turquoise and related Native American stones used in their jewelry, I do however, find it fascinating and I enjoy doing research so I think I’ll be busy for a while. BTW- did you get a chance to look at the other pics I sent? Let me know. I’m sending a few pics taken using a cheapy (about $40) computer microscope camera of my bolo. Let me know what you think. Thanks,


I believe the rule of thumb is, unless you dig it up yourself you really don’t know which mine a stone came from. The chemical make up is erratic, stones from the same area of a mine can differ. A few years ago a professor from Sacramento State (ca) was working on a project to document by chemical analysis the different mines. I believe he gave up, just too many variables. Turquoise is formed by water filtering through the matrix, carrying different minerals, which can vary at any time. That is why one needs to establish that all important relationship with trusted experienced experts. This forum is an excellent resource and read, read,read…question, question, question. If it doesn’t feel right, walk away.

What I can see in your pics, is the stone is not filled. That is, imho, a good thing. If not filled, not stabilized, which would lead me to believe it has not been colored altered either.

Great looking bolo. I often find great stones, great aringsrt in watch tips and bolos for much less money than other forms, since they are not as popular an item. Wear it proudly.


I have no answer for you, but it is a pretty piece…

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Thanks Karne- I’ll definitely keep the rule of thumb in mind. I had already had a question mark in my head as to how is it possible to know what mine something came out of without a definitive chemical analysis and now it seems even that will not work. I will however, read, read, read, it’s something I enjoy anyway. Again, thanks for your help, it is dearly appreciated.