Is this an expensive piece, and who made it

I am being offered this very large cuff at a fairly decent price, as long as the facts check out I am considering this buy. But I’d like professional opinions on the quality of it first. What kind of turquoise is this and is it high quality, is the “spencer” on the back the makers mark or is the (what looks like) JT the maker and if so who are they both? Does this piece have age? It has a price of $2,950 wrote in sharpie on the back, does it seem to carry that type of value? The lady who has it said she payed the price on the back for it at a shop during travel somewhere around California. She is a very well off person so I believe she payed the full price for it. Thank you for your time and attention and any and all information is welcome.
Thanks Echo123

Also the gram weight is approx 135 grams if that helps at all. Thanks again !


The name associated with the piece is the Spencer. I am not sure the other has anything to do with the bracelet. It is a very large piece of Chinese Turquoise. You can still buy this grade of Chinese under $1.00 a carat, and I would guess this stone to be 200? carats. The silver work is very traditional. I imagine if we had this piece in our pawn section it would be around $750 - $900. Hope that helps.


Yes that helps a lot! Thank you so much for your time.

Hi Jason, I’m unable to make out the hallmark. Can you please describe it? Thank you!

The picture I don’t believe is the hallmark. I am assuming Spencer is etched in the back somewhere, no picture of it.

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Jason the very first picture shows the Sterling mark and the spencer mark, I did eventually purchase this cuff and once I got it I tried to make out the other mark I shared and I’m not sure what it is! It’s so very small I’m not sure if it is a mark at all. But the cuff is so much more outstanding than what I even thought! But do you have any idea which “Spencer” made this cuff? Thanks again

Spencer is a common Navajo surname. We do get some similar work from an Evelyn Spencer, but I do not know if she made this.