Is this fixable?

I bought this cuff in the mid 90’s at 4 Winds Traders in Flagstaff. It was pawn, and the owner showed me right up front the heishi pieces which had broken off. I bought it anyway cause I loved it (still do). Years later I asked someone in NM somewhere if the missing heishi could be replaced. They felt it would be too hard to do and not worth it. About the only place I wear it is Church cause I am pretty sure I won’t bang it on anything there.

Is that your opinion, Jason? Not very fixable?

If not that’s ok; I’ll just wear it occasionally.

There is one other small piece missing on the other side. But those 2 places are the most obvious.


I imagine it could be fixed. The trouble is the beads are glued in. If you want us to repair the piece you can send to:
Perry Null Trading Co.
Attention Rocky
1710 S 2nd Street.
Gallup, NM 87301

I imagine it will be around $40 - $50

That’s great! It would be worth it to me. I will send it to you eventually.

Do I need to call/email ahead to let you know it’s on the way, or just send it?

You can just send it. Put a little note in the package of what you want repaired. Thanks

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And thank you! Makes me happy to get it fixed. I’ve always liked it, and I’ll try to send it in the next couple weeks.

It’s so good to find a place to get items repaired; I don’t dare do that here in IN. I used to go to a place in Albuquerque, but they are now closed. And I will visit Perry Null next time I get to Gallup!