Is this Floyd Becenti?

The signature on this pair of earrings looks like Floyd Becenti or his son but it just has the BC and not the T or cross that follows. Has anyone seen this before? Or maybe I’m totally off and it isn’t Becenti at all.
Thanks for the help!

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Asking again for some help on identifying this hallmark please. Thanks

I don’t think that these are Floyd’s. I have checked 4 separate resources and don’t see anything that corresponds with his known marks. I also looked for other BC’s with no luck. Regardless they are very nice earrings. I defer to the pros of course.

Not Floyd Becenti, he signs his BCT the C is a a cent sign

I accidentally left out that I meant Floyd Becenti Jr. here is a screen shot of his signature. No cent sign. That only on Floyd seniors. The B and C are very similar here.