Is this matrix or backing?

I’ve come across this lovely old cuff (circa 1930-40’s) but can’t tell in the photo whether the black on the sides of the stones (particularly 2nd and 4th stone) are part of the turquoise matrix or some epoxy filler/backing. Any opinions? What do you think is fair value for the bracelet, based on your answer.


Here is a better photo where the “black area” on the stones is more prominent.
Looks like some kind of filler?

Looks like it is the backing. I don’t think of this bracelet has being 70+ years old? Think of something like $175 - $225.

I thought it might be filler due to the age/possible deterioration of the stone. The bracelet is described as “1940’s - 50’s, could be as old as 1930’s”. Where do you place it?

I liked the fact that it was old, and I love the design, color of the stones. But the asking price is almost double what you’re estimating, so thanks again for your insight.

The stone was just cabbed like that, a thin piece of turquoise. I have included two stones that have yet to be used in a piece of jewelry but already have the backing show.

I have included two bracelets from the time period you are mentioning. A couple of things that I notice is the difference in the way the silver looks, the image you shared looks like silver that hasn’t been worn and lost some polish. The cuffs I have shown have a true patina that is only captured with age. Also, look at the bezel. You usually find older pieces with a low bezel, maybe because the stones didn’t have backing. When I look through the old stones we have it is common to have no backing. Next, the craftsmanship. You didn’t have the number of silversmiths in the 30s - 50s that you do today. Most of them didn’t work at making jewelry full-time, and they also seemed to be concerned with craftsmanship. The pieces that I have included are much better made, a good example is to take a look at the bezel seems. I don’t know, it could be old. I just see lots of pieces and don’t think this is one of those old pieces, maybe something during the 1980s boom. It does have a good looking American turquoise that is not so easy to find anymore.

Thanks Jason. Your reply is very informative and the pictures really help. For those of us without deep knowledge and expertise (me), the more education, the better. You guys are the best!

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