Is this MOP next to Turquoise?

Hi- Can anyone tell me if they believe this to be Mother of Pearl? Under ordinary light it has the color changing associated with MOP. Also, is it Zuni, it is a large ring 1-3/16" and weighs 30.5g. There are no marking or stamps. I’ve seen similar styled rings on Google Image for Zuni jewelry.


Definitely looks like MOP to me, I think it just has a lot of wear to the surface. MOP can range from stark white to golden in color :slight_smile:

Bigbree43- Thanks so much for your response. I am a neophyte and definitely appreciate all the help I can get. I looked at a lot of pix of MOP and I thought it may be as well. No guess if Zuni? Anyway, I thank you again for your help. BTW- I do try to find out on my own as there is a wealth of info on the web, but sometimes there’s nothing to match experience and the human eye!


You’re very welcome! It does look like it could have some Zuni influences in the design work, but without a hallmark, it’s hard to tell!