Is this NA and SW Turquoise. No marks on Tie Tac

Fund this interesting stone today. Is it NA? No marks. Thanks Hisweetpotato


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Sorry my “o” stuck. I meant I “found” this tie tac today at a Tag Sale.

I’m thinking a post earring. Have a pair of similar ones. No sharp point to pierce tie material.

True, because there was only one I thought tie tack, and no backing. But we all know how easy it is to lose an earring! Thanks.
Do you know where the turquoise was mined? Or who made it. ?

I always thought Zuni on mine. I’ll snap a picture and include later today, Natural piece, no fillers

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Those are beautiful color. Thanks for posting. The silver around the edges, kind of like scallops look like it may have been made by same artist who made mine. I don’t know if mine has filler or if that is the host rock .