Is this Navajo and signature anybody?

Can you help me identify if this is Navajo, also who made it by the hallmark? Any value info would also be appreciated. Thanks


This would be Navajo work. I don’t believe that those marks are a hallmark. That number 4 might indicate that it is shop made. Many times when several pieces are being made that are similar you will find a number so that the right set of stones go with each piece. The style of turquoise is Kingman. It is always difficult using a picture to come up with a value. The image of the back looks like the metal might be nickle, have you had this tested? If it is sterling silver I would value the piece around $175, if nickle around $45. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Jason. I’m happy either way since I found it at a thrift store for $20. Love your helpful site.