Is this real or fake looking?

I think my camera or lighting may be enhancing the blue color too much it is much more pale then the pictures show I will try to get a different photo

It looks real to me. Turquoise and sterling beads, can’t say what the white beads are.

Ok thanks. I havnt found any 925 numbers on it but it looks tarnished like silver. The white is almost impossible to take a good close up.

Do you think the turqoise is the valuable kind? Would you give your opinion on how old this necklace is judging from the pictures ? Please and thank you

is the bottom row closer to reality on your monitor?

The white beads look similar to calcite with the fractures, but just a SWAG on my part.


Well the SWAG’s are what I came for. Thanks youre probably right about the calcite. Yes its closer to bottom row, id say bone color