Is this stone real turquoise

hi everyone

can anyone let me know if this turquoise stone looks genuine or not, and if so where its likely from, has a groove on reverse

This looks to be real turquoise to me; I don’t have a guess as to what mine or where it’s from. I suspect at one point it was a large oval bead that was split to make two cabs, and that’s why you’re seeing the groove on the back. Not Native American made.

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Sometimes this kind of line indicates the stone began its life as a bead but this looks pretty large for that. No real way to say what kind of turquoise but this shows similarities to Hubei or Chinese turquoise.

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I’m not an expert on turquoise but question the authenticity since there are several sellers on eBay using the terms “Old Navajo” in their listings showing pieces like this with the hollow back. Although I don’t see it here, the items I refer to are stamped 925 instead of Sterling as well. Since it is accepted that they are note NA pieces I would question the stones as well. Just MHO

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Hello, this style is from China, I have seen turquoise beads cut into half like these. It’s turquoise yes, but I’m not sure if it’s all natural or stabalized.

thats good news, thanks for the info OO

ahh got ya, so the groove was once a drilled hole, makes perfect sense now

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If you have a question about the stone being stabilized simply wet your lip and touch the stone to it. If the stone is not stabilized it will stick to your lip slightly. If it is stabilized it is water proof and will not stick. I cut beads in half all the time to use, It’s a good source of turquoise, but I never leave the back open so you can see ! :slight_smile: Kyle

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I dont know if your still on here as i actually saw your question on google and i just want to share something i noticed with Turquoise coming out of Tibet into India. First of all not an expert ok but i have noticed quite a few pieces like this. I see this grove or drill or whatever they use to split stones. Actually i have a piece, i will take a pic for you.

That is a sign that the original piece was a bead that is cut in half to make 2 cabochons.


Yeah it is kinda tacky. The stone is pretty but leaving the back open like mine is not very attractive.