Is this turquoise and overlay, stippled and shadow box cuff HOPI or NAVAJO

This cuff was an estate piece and I have no background on it. Can’t decide whether it’s Hopi or Navajo and it is unmarked. It’s pretty hefty. Weighs 80g, is 1 5/8” tall and the turquoise is 1 by 3/4.
Would really like to find out where it originated, an approximate age, type of turquoise and hopefully a value.
Thanks for the great help you guys and girls always provide.


What a great looking piece of turquoise. That could be the prize of this piece, classic blue and black. When did you acquire this piece, the year? It is Navajo.

I bought it at an online auction a year or two ago. I bid on two pieces and the plain silver one went higher than I expected. After the fact, I saw a piece by Julian Lovato that was quite similar. I may have missed another great piece.
I wear this with a Patania cuff from about the 60’s. Different styles but the turquoise coloring is close.