Is Turquoise Authentic, Robins Egg?

Hi again Turquoise Peeps. I just
Received my new cuff and was wondering thoughts and type of turquoise. Seems
High quality and it is sterling. Thank you.


How was this described by the seller? Is it hallmarked for silver? It appears to be howlite or a synthetic product.


I was also thinking the stone had an odd look to it. Especially the matrix in the upper left.


It was listed as a Gorgeous Native American turquoise cuff, sterling. Tested beautiful stone. I questioned him about it possibly being a stone from India and she and he said:
“Don’t know age but it came in a lot of Navajo rings etc. Some were hallmarked with Navajo silver smiths, I’ve seen turquoise from India and the quality is nowhere near this and India silver is not good either”

I’m thinking early Stormy Mountain possibly
Red mountain

So is it hallmarked sterling silver? What do you mean by “tested beautiful stone”?

Also, what prompted you to ask about India as its possible origin?


Hmmm…the matrix in the cuff just doesn’t look right to be either of those. It’s just so thready.


The seller said beautiful stone, I have seen one from India like that on internet, but not from the 70’s ad this is. Just thought I’d ask him.

Here is a rare antique ring I have that looks like it.

That is a lovely ring; to me the matrix looks different than the cuff. Hopefully @Jason will weigh in!

Your ring looks to possibly be variscite.


@Simone @OrbitOrange I think this ring is chalcosiderite: