It's been a while

since I’ve watched the pbs program “craft in america” but stumbled across a notice of an up coming episode & wondered if you folks might be interested.
jesse monongya is featured in a program


It’s a great series, thanks for the alert. I’ll look for it.


I haven’t even heard of the show. Thanks for the heads up!


Me either. Thanks for letting us know newpawn.

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I’m watching it right now at: (

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hey,glad to have introduced you
the trailer I caught was about an ojibwe man doing moccasins,wild rice,etc
there are some sw artists featured in other episodes

hunt up teri greeves (kiowa) when you get chance…awesome beadwork!


I’ve admired Teri Greeves for a long time, starting when Four Winds sold her bracelets years back.

I know a few of the artists covered in this series. It’s really educational and inspiring.

caught an episode called “neighbors” the other day…contains a section about taxco!

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I watched that one! and another one called “California” that had a nice segment on Pomo basket weaving, it was season 10, episode 1.