Jackson Jarrett Nez

I just bought a vintage butterfly ring by this artist. I bought the ring without knowing who made it because I just really liked the ring. Anyway, I found his hallmark - two J’s connected by a bar on a shield - in Wright’s book as Jackson Jarret Nez. However, the man seems to be a ghost! I can’t find anything else on him. I would like to know more about this artist and buy other pieces to match if they exist. Anyone know anything about him or if he is still making jewelry? I have done google search and checked galleries online, no luck.

A picture of the front of the ring will help us to identify it!



The style is Lonn Parker. I know he had a shield style hallmark early on, but it doesn’t match what I see in hougart’s book. I sent him a picture and hopefully he will get back.

This piece is truly beautiful. I love the size and all the little details in it. It’s quite lovely :blush:

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Lonn says this was Jackson Nez, it is an uncle. He says he lived with him at manuelito and made this style after seeing Lonn do it. Jackson Nez is still around but he does trucking, thinks this ring is from 70s or 80s. If interested the picture is the progression of Lonn’s hallmark, numbers are for the years used.

Wow! So cool. Yes great info and it is much appreciated. Thank you very much!

Thank you again for this informative and wonderful website! I had not heard of Lonn Parker before this. I found this last week with 81-89 hallmark…I would have missed it if it hadn’t been for your post.


Nice find. Congrats!