Jade in Navajo Jewelry?

I know our group is called “Turquoise” People, but does anyone know much about the use of jade in Navajo jewelry? I ask because I have seen an interesting hammered bracelet that has tested at coin silver but with a nephrite jade stone. Rather unusual bezel too, not quite sawtooth. Is this Navajo or perhaps actually Mexican/Mesoamerican? Any thoughts are appreciated.


Nice bracelet! Certainly looks NA to me, but I’ve not seen Jade used in NA jewelry. I’ve seen this “scalloped” bezel used in older pieces; see the 1950’s Zuni bracelet below:

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It is always difficult to determine without having a hallmark for identification. You might also consider this might not be the original stone but a replacement, usually the stone will set above the bezel in the setting.


It doesn’t look NA to me, not only the stone but also the silver fabrication and the bezeling. Jade is highly unlikely (very unusual) to be the green stone in a NA piece: it’s simply not necessary, given that there are good dark green turquoise stones available.

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