James Avery turquoise?

Not Native American these earrings are made by James Avery.
Wondering if this is turquoise since it looks so different from everything I’ve seen.
Any help will be appreciated.

I can’t tell if my photos are seen because they only come up as HTML

The pictures don’t really give us a good look at the stone. They do appear to have blue and green? Lots of times this can be an indication it is chrysocolla, which is kind of a relative.

Wow Jason you’re good. I reached out toAvery and just heard back from them:
“This item is the EP-1095C Chrysocolla EP. The stone is not Turquoise, it is Chrysocolla. The set up date is Nov. 1992 and the retired date is February 1996. The 10.2 on the back is the date when the stone was set in the mold (Oct 1992).”
Thanks for the help!!