James Shay Bolo HELP!

I picked this up as part of a lot at auction. So far this lot has had some very pleasing surprises. This Bolo looks to be a James Shay hallmark. What I would really like to know is what kind of Turquoise and a value of the piece. The laces look like they have been around many a year. Any help or comments much appreciated!!


That turquoise is something else! Omg!

Speaking of that turquoise … here is a set of photos where I can’t tell what color it is. In the first photo, the stone is green with a brown and tan matrix. In the second, it looks blue with swirls of black matrix. In which photo is the color truer to life?

It is on the blue side…just a bit more than the green. Very swirly. Here is a natural light photo.

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I just
Read that in James Shay’s hallmark the letters are purposely misaligned, so 100% this is his work. Here’s a contact I found
that could probably help identify the turquoise:

877-906-1633 (toll free)



Website link to artist’s info: