Jason Livingston hallmark?

Looks like Jason Livingston’s hallmark, hopefully someone else can confirm this. Those single- initial hallmarks are the hardest! Sorry for the bad photos, the hallmark was difficult to capture.

Close ups of the hallmark:

Hi there, instead of Jason Livingston it might also be James Livingston. Look at the hallmark I found where the sterling stamp is followed by the “J”:

But I have to admit I am not familiar with their style of jewelry and not an expert. Just an idea.


Pre coffe. Has what U call that "Liquid Silver " look. Makes me think 1970s. Early 80s. Thin, but shiny with that Dusco, Dico Era center Stone.
Then, I could be 100% off, no coffee yet.

Thanks for that, I did not know there was a James Livingston. Time for more researching!

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Yes, I felt that it had a very “hippie” vibe to it. You are most likely correct, in saying that it is 70’s/80’s. Better get that coffee in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :coffee:

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Hippies? Where! Most recently aquired Hippie Bolo. Representing Father Peyote, upon bulb growth from underground up to above button. I’ve been posting these as I aquire them in another topic area

This is so great! I wish more people appreciated bolo ties! Fun fact: The bolo tie was designated the official neckwear of Arizona in 1973, and is also the state tie of New Mexico and Texas! When I was living in NM, it was acceptable to wear a bolo to a job interview in place of a tie lol