Jerry Roan

What a beauty and what gorgeous turquoise, Wish I could say it was mine…2 days left on SGW.


Nice. Too bad the big stone is cracked.


It’s impressive, but a little too much going on with it for me.

Cracked stones don’t bother me much, I’ve had some with no troubles, but seems like that should bring down the price

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How much do you think the crack decreases the value of this item? Just curious.

Curious how much a turquoise piece gets devalued if there is an entire thin crack. If a large pendant is worth $500 uncracked…how much lower would it be if cracked. Thanks.

As long as you have two people bidding that have to have it @nanc9354 , you take away reason and keep throwing dollars at it until one folds. No idea what it will end at. My feeling is you research market value and deduct for the price to replace the stone. But I’m more on the sensible and practical side. I don’t get wrapped up in “have to have it” like some some people do.


I just thought there might be some standard…let’s say 30%. I’m not interested in purchasing the necklace by Roan…I just admire the silver work and turquoise.

That’s a very unusual necklace, I like it but honestly not sure how often I would wear something that long/big. But a neat collectors’ piece.

Cracks are one of those “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” kind of things, I think. IMO, it devalues a piece monetarily definitely, but it isn’t necessarily a kiss of death that renders a piece junk, as the stone is often held in tightly despite the crack and is still often very wearable. But what finally breaks it and does make it junk? I have a couple of cracked pieces that I thought were worthwhile but I am extra careful with them and paid little enough that if they were to fall apart, it wouldn’t be a big loss to me. So just depends on the crack and the value to you!


Thanks…that’s a good explanation!

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i have several pieces with cracked stones that don’t impact their wearability or my enjoyment of them. I think that cracks, esp if minor, have less impact on value if the piece is vintage, or a more traditional style. i think if the piece is super modern, it will matter more. IMHO