Jimmy Victor Begay (?) Pendant - Value and Correct Maker?

Hello! This is my first time posting, so hopefully I am doing this correctly :slight_smile: I am sorting through my late mom’s jewelry, and came across this piece. From looking up the hallmark, I believe its Jimmy Victor Begay? Can anybody confirm for me that the artist is correct, and provide a possible value range? Thank you!


Welcome to Turquoise People! The style looks correct to the other pieces I found attributed to him, not familiar with this artist. I don’t believe the stones are genuine and it has gold filled wire. The pieces I find of his seem to have a more vintage appearance, do you know anything about the age of this piece?


James “Jimmy” Victor Begaye’s last name is spelled with the added e on the end. His sons Marco and Vernon are on Facebook, you could possibly contact them that way. I have a couple of his cuffs!


Nicely (and lovingly) displayed and photographed for review. Do you have any pictures of your mom wearing the piece? Some of my mom’s photographs - and my grandmother’s! - include information on what they are wearing, along with the date and place written on the back of the picture.


I like the criss-cross pattern on the swirls and the pretty turquoise