Joe H. Quintana ring

Just wanted to show off this nice little Joe H. Quintana ring I picked up on ebay recently. I’m interested to hear opinions on age and value. I know Hougart’s says that the narrow H is his earlier hallmark, so I’m thinking maybe 80’s or so since this has the wide H?


Interested to hear the responses you get. Just wanted to say, that’s a beauty! Great find. :+1:

It is a beautiful thing, congratulations. I always think of what you had to pay as the value of a thing, how much did you find it for? I would imagine seeing something like $300 up if I came across it in a shop that knew what they had. Age will always remain a mystery.

Thanks! I got a great deal on it–$51, seller didn’t know what they had and didn’t have it labelled properly. You’re right, value is a subjective and difficult metric, but I was wondering what it might go for in a shop that knew what they had, as you say. Thanks for your help!