Joe Manygoats bracelet- can this be repaired?

Hi I have this bracelet from the 90’s .
S.S. leaf was lost. I have a barrette which broke also. Can the leaf be soldered where
the missing leaf was? in need of opinion & Cost would be apreciated. Thanks so much

IMG_7509 IMG_7508

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I think it would be better if we just make a new leaf so it will match, something like $30. Remember it is going to lose that silver look, it will be shiny.

Thank you Jason, I have two others in need of soldering . Total cost?

We need to brace this with a strip of silver, $30 each bracelet.

ok, thank you Jason. *one thing concerns me on Melendez piece.,
will silver strip show thru slats?

We can run them lengthwise and then do a strip across where the silver is wider. If you decide to send make a note of that so we can make sure not to show the silver.