Johnathan Nez purchase

I broke down and purchased the Nez cuff. @Jason if Leonard gets back to you, i have a few other photos here … If it proves to be a psuedo thats cool (Although having an original one like @TryingToLearn has would be pretty cool as well. Let me know will you please?
I love it @ 42 grams :raised_hands:Good Weekend to all! Q


now I wonder if the CP stands for “copy”!
either way, it’s a very nice piece. The only issue I have is my skin turning green from the copper. My solution was to carefully use clear nail polish to coat the inside with a slight overlap to the sides. This allows me to keep the visible copper shined (it is the only piece with sterling that I keep shined!). it gets wiped with a tarnish cloth before storing it in a tarnish preventing cloth bag.

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Oooooh That could be it! CP >copy…Good call. I’ve seen several of the same cuffs on sites with CP…
Either way, i paid very little for this beauty, and I’m pleased… The clear nail polish is a great idea!
My issue is bracelet is a teeny bit large. I put Doc Scholl’s Moleskin on the inside and it helps! :smile:

I like the idea of the moleskin! Maybe this will work for my copper although it is snug now. My wife’s bracelets are too large and I’ve made her a plain leather band to wear under some of them.

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Jonathan got the message (with pictures of this bracelet) from Leonard and gave me a call, he says it stands for copper and he made it.


Yes, Let her now about Bunion pads as well…
They stick well and take up more room then moleskin. I used the clear polish on earring posts!:slight_smile:

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oh Wow, CP is Copper! Who da thunk…Thanks Jason for letting me know!
Having the “real deal” has made my day.