Jonathan Nez Pendant

I’m interested in finding out what type of turquoise is in the Nez pendant. It is one of those pieces that turned out to be much nicer in person than in a picture. Thanks 02BEA8F3-33C9-4C21-937F-C48243536E84 15F25956-0BD5-4348-84C4-99DFCB213D62



Is there any way that this could also be Bisbee? Was looking through cabs and pendants at Durango Silver searching for something else and came across a couple that looked enough like it to make me get it out and compare.

Sure looks like bisbee.


Thanks for your opinion! I wasn’t expecting the pendant to be anywhere near as nice as what I received. I definitely noticed the turquoise was really nice but it didn’t sink in until later. I’ve been sick recently and this medicine makes me dizzy and tired. Not much longer and I’ll be back to normal.

Hope you feel better soon! I always enjoy your great finds! Prayers and well wishes to you.

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Beautiful Piece!!! Wishing you speedy get well wishes!! :smile:

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My thought before reading the previous comments…Bisbee

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I don’t think of the stone as Bisbee. Compare them to these

I will ask Jonathan what he calls it the next time I see him.

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Thank you. I think it would be so much easier to learn turquoise if I could handle it and see it in person. I will appreciate you asking the artist for confirmation. The pendant is great either way.