Juan Qualo Signature?

I’ve had this quail pin for a few years and have yet to find out if this is a Juan Qualo signature on the back. The name “Juan” is crudely scratched into the metal on the back, also the numbers 7 and 3, with the 3 beneath the 7 rather than alongside it. I’m guessing maybe this means that it was made in 1973? I’ve tried researching what years would apply to his jewelry, but I can’t seem to find much information about him at all. Does anyone have any general knowledge about him that they could share, or have an opinion about whether this is his work? Thanks so much for any help anyone can offer.


It looks like classic Juan Qualo work. I have a birth date of 1926, can’t find much else. The 73 will most likely remain a mystery.

Thanks so much, Jason. Just having the birth date really helps. That would put him in his 40’s in 1973, so it would make sense that the numbers could be a reference to the year. But yes, very likely that the numbers will remain a mystery.